MLLBB Worldview

An expansive universe composed of countless planes of existence, each filled with different worlds, paralleling and intersecting one another – At the junction of all planes lies the Land of Dawn. Heroes and villains alike covet the ultimate treasure of this fabled land – The Twilight Orb.

In the Land of Dawn, the Twilight Orb is a symbol of spiritual faith and supreme power. For eons, the Twilight Orb was spoken of only in tales, while its true existence was never found. Legend has it that only the strongest being of the entire universe shall possess the Orb’s mysterious and elusive power. Over time, war spread throughout the planes of existence as countless factions, both good and evil, sought to obtain the Twilight Orb for themselves. All in the vain pursuit of becoming the destined ruler of the entire universe.

At the dawn of time, the Creator gave birth to the Lord of Light and the Lord of the Abyss, who rule over the forces of Orders and Chaos, respectively. They were commanded to maintain balance within the universe. However, the two Lords failed in doing so – In a selfish pursuit of power, the two Lords began to fight for control over the universe. Very quickly, the entire universe was consumed by the flames of war. The Lord of the Abyss gradually grew in power and became evermore aggressive in his conquest, all the while searching for a chance to achieve domination. Overtime, the Lord of Light began to fall in power and the Lord of the Abyss began to cast his attention towards the Twilight Orb for ultimate power.

Aside from the Lords of Order and Chaos, the Creator brought a third race of beings into the universe to protect the Twilight Orb and help preserve the balance between the two divine Lords – The Ancient Ones they were called.

The Lord of the Abyss rampantly searched for the Twilight Orb, with which he hoped to seal away the Lord of the Abyss and conquer all the planes. One after another the Ancient Ones began to fall as he fulfilled his ambitions. However, for a while, the Ancient Ones tried to avoid the confrontation and maintained the peace of the universe in defensive ways.

As the forces of power collided, the Twilight Orb was torn into pieces. At the brink of death, the Ancient Ones spread the fragments of the Twilight Orb to every corner of the Planes. Both the Ancient Ones and the Lord of Light sacrificed themselves to seal the Lord of the Abyss into the Southern Abyss. In the end, the Lord of Light exhausted all his strength and fell into a long slumber within the Empire. Finally, the Holy War came to an end.

Under the command of the Creator, the last survivors of the Ancient Ones returned to the Land of Dawn, with the hope to protect the land and its people. Unfortunately, they failed to revive the fallen Ancient Ones and mysteriously disappeared.

Without protectors, peace within the Land of Dawn breaks apart. All tribes, heroes, kingdoms of this fabled land take aim to rule the world once more. Deep beneath the depths of the darkness, the Lord of the Abyss is slowly regenerating. The war has just begun.

MLBB Heroes

Hero Name

Background Story


Miya was born in the Temple of the Moon and studied hard to one day become a worthy sacrifice to the moon god.

But when the fires of war of the race of men and orcs reached the moonlit shores of the moon elves’ lakeside habitat, Miya rose up and led forth her countrymen in defiance of foreign invaders. Despite their best efforts, Miya and her fellow elves were finally forced by the countless enemy horde to make a last stand in the Temple of the Moon.

As Miya knelt in the center of the temple to offer prayers for one last time, just as the great army of men and orcs were about to destroy this sacred place, a miracle occurred. The moon god answered Miya’s prayer and blessed her longbow with an ancient and powerful blessing. Miya grasped the bow and fired an arrow, which was transformed into an eagle spirit by the power of the stars, splitting the enemy army asunder.

Miya led her countrymen out of the temple, raining showers of star-wrought arrows upon the enemy with each pull of her bow. Meanwhile her eagle hovered over the enemy, singling them out and attacking them. Like a falling tide, the humans and orcs quickly started to retreat. Miya and her countrymen retook the shores of the Moon God, and the moon elves recognized Miya and her spirit eagle as the Moon God incarnated.

The young Miya knew in her heart that if this problem was not stopped at the root, the wars would never end. With the Moon God’s blessing, she set out on a journey to the land of dawn, hoping to find a king who could bring peace and order back to this world.


In the Land of Dawn, from the Enchanted Forest to the Crack of the Abyss, the Blood Demons used their noble bloodline and extreme intelligence to enslave the Orcs, symbols of barbaric strength. The Blood Demons see the Orcs only as their servants. In addition to searching for their own food, the enslaved Orcs are also tasked with hunting for a very special food for their masters: Moon Elves

The Orcs suffered greatly during their 30 years of enslavement, and their great ancestor, the Crazed Savage, hoped for an early end to their period of slavery. The Orcs had organized rebellions against the Blood Demon rule in the past, but each time they were met with death and destruction. It was during one of the larger of these rebellions that the rebel leader’s wife lost her life giving birth to Balmond. Balmond was raised by his father and their clan of Orcs. The unusual circumstances of his childhood led him to grow up with a violent temper and a love of battle. He achieved victories in all of his battles against the Moon Elves and Humans, and many became hopeful that he would continue in his father’s legacy and command the Orc army

Growing fiercer with each battle, Balmond became the strongest warrior in the Orc tribe. Years later, after his father had grown old and was near death, he told Balmond of his mother’s tragic death. This caused Balmond to be even more determined to free his people from enslavement at the hands of the Blood Demons. Balmond led his Orc tribe in a night assault against the Blood Demon’s main camp. He hoped to defeat the Blood Demon leader, Alice, and thereby break the contract of enslavement between them. The Blood Demons, however, proved to be much stronger than Balmond anticipated. In a moment of desperation, Balmond decided to bite one of the Blood Demons to suck their blood and acquire their special strength. The few Orcs remaining followed suit and grew stronger as the strength of the Blood Demons joined with their own. Now in a frenzy, Balmond swung his bloody axe and slaughtered all Blood Demons before him. Alice knew that he was no longer a normal Orc, but a hybrid creature that would become known as a Bloodaxe Orc. The corner of her mouth rose up in a smirk as Balmond approached, his axe raised in preparation. Even as it swung down, preparing to sever her head from her body, Alice showed no fear. The axe was stopped by a mysterious power just as it was about to meet Alice’s skull. It was then that Balmond realized that by acquiring the power of the Blood Demons he had once more become subjected to Alice’s control. Just as he was on the brink of liberating his people from slavery, his urgent need for freedom was again denied

Even today these events still weigh heavy on Balmond’s heart. He never intended to become an orc mutant, but is unable to escape Alice’s control. The Blood Demons had gained a special force with the strength of two races, greatly increasing their power. Every time the Blood Demons summon him, he is forced to honor the contract that binds him. In between those times he rests, unable to pursue his own course of action, until the summons is heard and his Blood Axe reigns supreme.


The birth of Saber traces back to the early years of Laboratory 1718. In the beginning, he was a scholar in one of the most famous invention teams in Scholar City. Dr. Rooney hoped that this team would be able to unlock the ultimate potential of mechanical invention and lead the world into a glorious age of technology. But the radically intellectual scientists became more and more infatuated with modifications to the human body. They engaged in insane experiments that ignored the limits of what the human body could tolerate. They were willing to try anything, use any combination of technology and power, so long as it enhanced human abilities that had not yet been unlocked by nature. Because of this, Dr. Rooney was forced to disband and banish this team of scientists

Though they had lost Dr. Rooney’s favor, the scientists did not abandon their dreams. They established a laboratory of their own, a symbol of the reverence they held for their inventions. Laboratory 1718 was thus born, and it gathered radical scientists from all parts of the world to conduct strict and rigorous experiments on its subjects with the goal of creating stronger, ever more advanced human weapons. The scientists gathered the genes of hundreds of sword masters of all different races, combining them with cutting-edge technology to create the first artificial man. This was Laboratory 1718’s first creation, and they named him Saber after origins of his creation.

Saber’s personality was proud and aloof, the sword he wields capable of cutting space-time itself. With his sword he traveled between the dimensions, his skill unmatched by any enemy he encounters. Yet because of this Saber was extremely lonely. Gradually he realized that after each battle, when he returned back to Laboratory 1718 to repair himself, he was no longer able to remember who his opponent had been. This realization caused him to become curious about the origins of his creation. He also began to wonder about his true identity; another question he was unable to answer at Laboratory 1718, where all he did was submit to his battle instincts as he completed missions. Gradually, he grew tired of such an existence. He decided to break free from Laboratory 1718’s control and travel to the Land of Dawn, where he hoped to find answers in his own heart through endless battle.


Thousands of years ago, the Enchanted Forest in the Land of Dawn was inhabited by the Moon Elves. Underneath a surface of beauty and magic, great danger lay hidden. Strange black shadows appeared near the forest that the Moon Elves called home, and with their haunting presence the Moon Elve’s numbers began to shrink.

The Blood Demons are a race that drains the life force of others in order to maintain their own bodies, and the peace-loving Moon Elves had become their favorite prey. Estes, the Moon Elf King, battled against the Blood Demons in order to protect his people. But after Alice, the Blood Demon Queen, conquered the Orcs, her demonic reach extended even further into the Enchanted Forest. She hoped to acquire the power of the Moon Elves and Estes for herself, just as she did with the Orcs. Her strong ambition led her to repeatedly invade the Lake of the Moon Good. Every time, she was beaten back by the formidable will of King Estes. Not willing to resign to defeat, Alice decided to lead her mutant Orcs in another attack against the Moon Elves. Near the end of the battle King Estes gathered his full might and landed a heavy blow against Alice, greatly wounding the Blood Demon Queen. Though the battle had ended, the heavily injured Moon Elf King entered into a great sleep in the depts of the Enchanted Forest.

Today, the appearance of the Twilight Orb has plunged the Land of Dawn into chaos once more. In the cracks of the abyss deep within the earth, the Abyssal Ruler thirsts for more followers to believe in him. His dark shadow has silently spread over the mountains of the South, and Alice has found strength in pledging herself to this power. Though she has not fully recovered her former strength, gaining the trust of the Abyssal Ruler has caused her former ambitions to rekindle. In order to more quickly become whole again, she continues to drain the life force of all beings she meets; and naive, newborn Moon Elves are still her favorite food. After achieving this temporary satisfaction, Alice has turned her eye towards a larger prey: the heroes from Alt-World. “Watch your back. “


The Moon Elves are not the only race to call the Enchanted Forest home. A race of cat-like elves, the Leonins, also live in the forest. Cute, friendly and uninvolved in the conflicts of the world, they are the loyal preservers of the Enchanted Forest who make the area the fairyland paradise that it is. As the most ancient race of the Enchanted Forest, they possess a strong natural talent for all things magical.

Nana is special among the Leonins. With a bright personality and love of adventure, she is full of curiosity for all things new and hopes to one day leave her home and see the world.

But Nana also has a mischievous side that often causes trouble for those around her. She is naturally gifted with strong magical abilities, but doesn’t know how to control them. The most serious time she lost control of her impressive abilities resulted in the destruction of almost half the forest. In order to protect the Leonins from her uncontrollable magic abilties, Nana decided to leave her home behind. In her travels she met a Moon Elf named Miya who suppressed Nana’s magic abilities and then taught her the Moon Elve’s secret to control magical energies. The intelligent Nana quickly mastered the technique and became a powerful witch of the Leonin clan. She chose to follow Miya to the Land of Dawn and together search for a new King.


Tigreal is the Captain of the Imperial Capital’s Moniyan Captain of Knights. Even as a child, he wanted nothing more than to become a great knight of the Empire. From his youth Tigreal was a loyal believer in the Lord of Light. He swore to become a member of the Knight’s Order to defend the status and symbol of the Moniyan Empire throughout the Land of Dawn. He dedicated all his time to training. In each of their training simulations and tests Tigreal’s performance became the benchmark that no other knight’s could surpass. His mentors were the most revered of all the Imperial Knights. In order to prove himself and surpass them, he dedicated more time and energy than most people possess to his betterment; even the smallest mistakes in his training would be corrected and practice repeatedly in his free time. Eventually, his mentors declared him the Captain with the highest potential in all of the Knight’s Order.

His mentors’ comments gave Tigreal complete confidence in his abilities. Even the strongest of heroes, however, is not without weakness. While hunting demons during one of their trial missions Tigreal showed the slightest amount of compassion, hesitating to make a kill. In that moment of hesitation, he was ambushed by the demons and gravely injured. He watched helplessly as his mentors sacrificed themselves to save him. It was this mission that made Tigreal understand that if he wanted his name recorded in the histories of the land, he still had a long path ahead of him. After the returning to the empire, Tigreal became even more strict with himself. He required each of his men to come back from every mission without a single loss, and wouldn’t tolerate a single mistake from any of his subordinates.

Ever since then the Paladin Tigreal can be seen at the frontlines of the battle, where he has never been defeated. Even the most evil of enemies don’t dare to provoke Tigreal in battle, because they know to do so would be to suffer his merciless assault. A staunch believer in the Lord of Light, he became a pillar of the Order of Knights, his name synonymous with bravery and fearlessness. In order to recognize his courage, the empire bestowed upon him the title of Warrior of Dawn.

Tigreal has constantly sought out the bravest warriors of the land, and in his mind there is none better than Alucard. For a long time, however, he has been unable to convince Alucard to leave the Temple of Light and join him. He knows that Alucard is unable to move on from the deaths of his parents. Each time he walks up the steps to the Temple of Light, he does so with a heart full of regret.


Alucard was born in the capital of the empire. His parents were once mentors to Tigreal’s Order of Knights. In one of the Order’s trial missions, Tigreal’s overconfidence led to Alucard’s parents sacrificing their lives in order to save him from demons. Unable to accept this harsh reality, Alucard went into the territory of the demons in order to search for his parents. All he found on the battlefield, however, was the family crest worn on his parents’ chest. He was then suddenly ambushed by the demons, who captured and tortured him for months. He was eventually freed by a demon hunter, after which he took up refuge as a resident of the Temple of Light.

Alucard’s youth was full of tragedy. During his captivity his mind was consumed with surviving moment to moment, and the rage within his heart was buried. Though he was humiliated countless times by his demon captors, he never gave up his desire for revenge. It was this desire that gave him strength to survive his months of imprisonment. Alucard became drawn to the abilities of the demon hunter who rescued him. Unwilling to return to the Order of Imperial Knights that him feel nothing but sadness, he went with the demon hunter to the Temple of Light. He trained there for multiple years, becoming an exceptional demon hunter himself. He spends his days researching how to better hunt and kill demons. Holding nothing but hate for demons in his heart, he follows the three principles of the demon hunters: independence from all organizations and territories; no mercy for even a single demon; no “last” missions. Most mysterious about him are the demonic claws on his right hand; nobody knows what they are or how they got there.


The ancestors of the Dark Elves were once noble Moon Elves, but the temptation of dark magic eventually subverted them, causing them to abandon their faith. The Moon Elves who turned their backs on the light lost the blessing of the Moon God, and were gradually eroded from within by dark energy, their skin becoming ashen and devoid of light. The Dark Elves, who make a living providing assassination services to other races, are born assassins able to use dark energy with ease.

Karina is one of the best among them, and her assassination tasks are always carried out to perfection. But as the Dark Elves sank deeper into the clutches of darkness, the most fanatical of them even sacrificed their own people to the demons of the Shadow Abyss in exchange for dark energy. As Karina watched these events transpire, she became filled with anxiety and confusion, and when her beloved sister, Selena, was chosen as the next sacrifice, Karina decided she could no longer stand idly by… She would never allow the demons to hurt her sister.

She fought off her own people with her twin shadow blades, but even Karina could not resist the siege of the Dark Elves. Beaten to the brink of death, Karina watched as her sister was taken away by the envoys of the Shadow Abyss. Powerless, she felt her vision gradually blurring as her younger sister’s cries became more and more distant. Sorrow and despair filled Karina’s heart. She prayed to all the gods she knew of, but to no avail. The Dark Elves raised their swords to end Karina’s life, but were shocked to discover a dim blue glow radiating from the twin shadow blades in her hands.

Although they had abandoned him for thousands of years, the Mood God still watched over the Elves, and granted Karina his blessing in her time of need. The Dark Elves could not believe what was happening before their eyes, and they chose to flee. A soft and gentle power trickled down from Karina’s twin blades and into her body, dissipating the dark energy within her and healing her wounds. Karina stood up and vowed to turn away from her dark past, enraged by the pain of losing her sister. From that day on, no demon would escape the retribution of her moonshadow blades.


A clumsy panda from a far away Eastern villages dreams every night of becoming a mighty warrior. Akai is fat and clumsy even for panda standards and most people say that all he’s good for is rolling round.

However, this never fazed Akai, as he trained daily, hoping to one day achieve his dreams of becoming a respected warrior. His friends mocked him, his parents discouraged him but Akai persisted. Soon one day, a mysterious old monk took notice of Akai’s persistance and took him under his guidance. Akai flourished under the training of the monk, mastering the arts of the flail.

He is now ready to enter the world stage and prove that he is a worthy member of the martial world!


Franco’s home is in the eternally frozen seas beyond the land of Nost Gal. This continent of ice and snow is where the sea people have made a life for themselves, but the resurrection of Captain Bane has destroyed their formerly peaceful lives. Franco and his comrades have banded together to oppose Bane’s rule and bring peace back to the seas.


Many years ago, Captain Bane and his fleet were invincible, and even the fiercest of pirates knew him to be the one true ruler of the seven seas. Now, he has awakened from the depths of the ocean, his body cursed and his Black Pearl in ruins, hell-bent on showing the world that he is still the overlord of the high seas!


Growing up in the slums, Bruno was always thinner than his peers. These circumstances never stopped him from having a heart filled with freedom. However, during a tragic accident, Bruno lost his two legs while saving the life of his partner. Sadly, this event caused Bruno to lose all hope in life.

The scholars of Antoinerei heard of Bruno’s inspiring story commended him for his bravery and empathized with his tragedy. Out of strong compassion, the scholars used the City’s latest technology to create synthetic legs for Bruno. When Bruno took his first step he was shocked by the strange feeling of his synthetic legs but was amazed by how running felt like flying.

To express his gratitude, Bruno vowed to protect Antoinerei till the day he dies. The elated City’s scholars quickly developed an energy ball as Bruno’s main weapon, specifically to be used with synthetic legs. From that day forward, any invader who set foot in Antoinerei was met by Bruno’s relentless attack. The city people came to call him, “The Protector of Antoinerei.”


No one knows where he comes from or why he fights, but everyone born in the Wastelands knows that he is the only semblance of justice in these parts. Even the boldest of thieves wouldn’t dare to challenge Clint and his six shooters. With his lightning reflexes and unparalleled accuracy, he buries a flurry of bullets in his enemies’ foreheads before they have time to blink.

He only draws his guns for what he believes are just causes, but when he does, there’s hardly a villain alive who can escape his righteous barrels.


Rafaela is an angel capable of miraculously healing anything. It is said that when she appears, all pain suddenly vanishes, all wounds instantly heal, and all evil disperses like rain clouds when the sun comes out. Now Rafaela has descended upon the Land of Dawn in the hopes of using her miraculous powers to restore peace to the land.


Ever since she was an apprentice wizard, Eudora’s special talent for controlling lightning always shocked (no pun intended) her many teachers. After a brief period of study, her teachers discovered she had already mastered all they had to teach her.

Yearning to continue her progress, Eudora set foot on the road to the Land of Dawn, believing that her lightning magic could reach new heights in that turbulent land.


The tale goes that the Great Dragon has nine sons. They are unique to each other and responsible for their own duties. Seldom did the Great Dragon gather with his sons, however, as the adopted son, Zilong assists the Great Dragon instead of the royal sons. In the eyes of the Great Dragon, Zilong is way better in his personalities and abilities, which makes Zilong deeply trusted by him. Long ago, Zilong has sworn an oath to roam from world to world, assisting wise rulers by the Great Dragon’s decree. Whenever a new king is in need of his strength, Zilong traverses space and time to remove all obstacles and enemies before the king, using spear fighting techniques endowed upon him by the Great Dragon. Now the Land of Dawn is in great danger and Zilong comes to the Land without any hesitation. With his sense of justice and bravery, Zilong has defeated many enemies and his name is spreading among the land. Regardless of the strong enemy, Zilong’s spear will not forgive any evil who is trying to destroy this continent.


Despite just being a human, Fanny never gave up on her dream of flying. She fashioned a kind of steel grappling hook for herself in the hopes of using it to grab onto cliff faces and soar between mountain peaks. After countless training sessions in live environments, Fanny has finally mastered this technique. Folks who have seen her soaring through the air refer to her as the Blade of Freedom.


Layla was born in to a family of guns. Lively and outgoing as a child, she was always optimistic and full of a sense of justice and adventure. She dreamed of becoming an emissary of the Land of Dawn who would fight to protect its peace. Her father was the most famous firearms master in the Land of Dawn’s City of Scholars, but as a child Layla wasn’t interested in the inventions of her family. As she grew up, she desired to become a famous mage and study at the Magic Academy, where she could study the magic of her dreams. But alas, reality is cruel. Her dreams were heartlessly rejected by her father, who himself dreamed of a day when the City of Scholars would surpass the Magic Academy in fame and power. He spent his time researching ultimate firearm technology that would be more powerful than anything possessed by the Magic Academy. In his research he consulted many ancient records before discovering that deep within the Southern Abyss lied a magic stone that, if harnessed, could be used to produce firearms of incredible power. His goal of surpassing the Magic Academy was now within reach.

Paying no mind to the concerns of his daughter and wife, he embarked on a dangerous expedition into the abyss. The road was far, but her father finally found the magic stone he was looking for on the edge of the abyss. Seeing that he would soon succeed in creating his ultimate weapon, Layla’s father brimmed with excitement. After returning home he worked dawn to dusk on his final creation, not stopping even to eat or drink. But his joy did not last long. Excessive contact with the magic stone caused his mind to lose its normal functioning, and his temper worsened as his actions became strange and erratic.

Strange creatures silently entered the City of Scholars in search of their lost magic stone. These stones belong to the Lord of the Abyss, who allows nothing to be taken from his realm. The creatures could sense the stone’s location, and they ambushed Layla’s house within the City of Scholars. Her mother was killed, and her father completely lost all reason. The young Layla was terrified as it seemed that she, too, would fall victim to the claws of these strange beings. At the last second her father appeared and drew off the attackers, leaving Layla with no hope except for her father’s newly-created Malefic Cannon. Layla pulled hard on the trigger, and the gun sprung to action just as the monsters leapt to attack her. The energies from the gun were so strong that their blast waves hit her father too. No longer of a reasoning mind, he looked silently at Layla before holding onto his injured arm and jumping out of the window. It was thus that Layla’s father left the City of Scholars. Layla decided she would learn the technology behind the Malefic Cannon and represent the City of Scholars throughout the land as she searched for her father. She trained constantly, and at the age of 16 embarked on her path to become a hero.


The young Minotaur was the most talented and powerful one in the kingdom, admired and worshiped by other ones, up until he was defeated by a youth from a far-off land. As a prodigy, his confidence has never been so knocked and finally he blamed it on his own weakness. To become stronger and powerful, he chose to enter the Minos Maze and started the self-training with the help of Twilight Orb’s power, even thought it would become so much harder than he thought.


Lolita was born in a distant elven village, living a happy, uneventful life. That is, until war brought an end to those peaceful, safe days. Her whole village was destroyed in the war; her family torn apart. Just as her own life was in grave peril, Rooney, the master machinist of the City of Scholars, found her when he was passing through and took her back to Eruditio.

To show her gratitude to the city, Lolita joined the City Guard and swore an oath to the death to defend its honor. Bruno very much admired and understood this young elf maiden’s spirit, and so he put in a request with the city scholars for their most advanced tech crystal– the Noumenon Energy Core– and bestowed it to Lolita.

This powerful energy core endows Lolita’s tiny frame with the ability to discharge massive Bursts of force, even allowing her to control a giant mechanical hammer with ease.


Many years ago, the god of the very first ninjas created the Order of the Scarlet Shadow, formed of countless outstanding disciples. Over time, beliefs within the order diverged, and the Scarlet Shadow split into two factions — the Scarlet Sect and the Shadow Sect. Conflict between the two sects gradually intensified, even to the point of drawing swords on one another. In order to avoid bloodshed, the two sects decided that every ten tears they would select the best Scarlet ninja and the best Shadow ninja to duel. The winner would inherit the title “Scarlet Shadow Grandmaster”, under whom the two sects would study according to the ninja code left behind by their god. Ten years ago, a Shadow emerged possessing the kind of exceptional ability one sees only once in a hundred years. Even the Scarlet sect recognized his talent, but as they anticipated the day this Shadow would inherit the Scarlet Shadow title to unite the two sects and resurrect the glory of the Order of the Scarlet Shadow, heinous events transpired that would change the ninja world forever. While undertaking a mission, the Shadow brutally killed the Scarlet Sect’s leader and returned to assert his supreme dominance over the two sects. Betraying one’s companions is the most unforgivable sin among ninjas, and the infuriated ninjas of the two sects decided to take action. They sent the foremost elite ninjas from the two sects to encircle the Shadow. The ensuing battle was the most chaotic in the Scarlet Shadow’s history. The two groups of elite ninjas were all slain, and the injured Shadow fled the Scarlet Shadow with his life. This battle greatly weakened the sects, bringing shame to them both, and cracks between the factions emerged once again. In the end, the two sects agreed that whoever found and killed the disgraced Shadow would become the Scarlet Shadow Grandmaster. The patriarch of the Shadow Sect selected the young Hayabusa to undergo training to this end, teaching him the secret methods of shadow manipulation without reservation, and as fate predicted, ten years later he became the strongest ninja the Shadow Sect had ever seen, and their new rightful Shadow. However, Hayabusa knew in his heart that his only purpose was to kill the former Shadow. When the former shadow re-emerged in the Land of Dawn, Hayabusa knew that the day of reckoning was not far off…


In the far northern reaches of Nost Gal, there is a legend: When a warrior dies on the battlefield, the goddess of war Freya will come down from heaven, kiss the spirit of the fallen, and lead it to the Temple of Heroes, where former warriors can have a new life. Freya herself is an outstanding warrior. She can both attack and defend with her sword and shield, and at a critical moment in battle she can transform into a halberd and smash the enemy formation.


Gord has always been the living proof of excellence in the magic academy. He was born with the gift to manipulate the mystic powers, due to which he mastered several sophisticated spells at an early age. But this is clearly a double edged sword as Gord became increasingly arrogant over time. Once he stumbled across a forbidden book in the academy, which recorded the method to forge the pure mystic existence out of human body using mystic powers.

The young wizard buried himself in the book and launched his study, without respecting the opinions from the outside. It worked out successfully at the beginning, the pure mystic energy started to flow in Gord’s vines thus he was able to cast even more powerful spells. Things turned out bad as Gord was overfilled with mystic energy. Gord then tried to seek solution from ancient magic. With the crash of two different energies, Gord’s body was almost devastated. Thanks to the help from Elward, the chief wizard, the turbulence in his body was finally under control. The incident took a huge toll on Gord, leaving his body half red and half blue. More hopelessly, Gord can never became the existence consists of pure mystic energy.########Elward encouraged Gord so he finally got back on this feet. Elward then invited Gord to continue his career as a wizard and invited him to teach at the academy. After careful consideration, Gord accepted the offer. He wish to find a student who will carry on his study, without running into the same mistake. From that day, Gord started a new life as the strictest professor in the magic academy.


Natalia was raised from a little girl by the Church of Light and trained into one of the Church’s assassins. This young phenom had risen to become the top assassin for the Church via her outstanding talents, but then on one assassination mission, she failed, causing her companion to meet with unprecedented disaster. Although she was able to escape danger with Tigreal’s help, this was undoubtedly a severe blow to proud Natalia.

To prove herself again, she exiled herself to the outskirts of the land far from the Empire and the Church to carry out more dangerous missions. Who is her target? Will she be able to win back all that she once possessed?


Onmyouji Master is a master of the yin yang arts, driven by powerful spirits, yin and yang. The Kagura family is the oldest and most powerful of the Onmyouji, with the most powerful of all being the Ancestor Master. Kagura, as one in the Onmyouji family with the most potentials, had been given the Seimei umbrella, an heirloom of yin yang arts passed down through generations. Legend has it that the umbrella had been refined by the great Seimei himself using power from a hundred ghosts, and now possess life and wisdom of its own only controllable by its rightful owner. After learning that her childhood playmate Hayabusa had headed to the land of dawn to undertake a dangerous mission, Kagura secretly took the Seimei umbrella and followed in Hayabusa’s step, hoping to be able to help him in battle.


Chou was born in a secluded slum deep in the hearts of poverty, living the lowest quality of life. Despite the dreadful conditions Chou still kept his heart of kindness, as day in day out he continued to look after the old and the young there with passion. At that time, there was great turmoil and unrest in the Land of the Dawn; mayhem spread throughout the land and eventually started to affect this small remote area.

One day, Chou rescued a mystic monk under pursuit by his captors, and took him back to his slum to care for him. In return, the monk imparted the ancient Asian Kung-Fu skill to Chou, and told him that the world needed a real hero to stand up and end the turmoils. Chou made a vow right there and then, and without looking back he would start out on his journey in the Land to become a true hero. As Chou was leaving, the monk nodded and disappeared into the shadows.


Sun, born from a rock, has been extraordinary since the very beginning. Long ago he was pinned down under a mountain by gods, trapped and unable to move. He watched time changing and watched the world being changed by the time. Although his body was covered by the freezing snow, the yearn for freedom in his heart never melted away.

Waiting for the right opportunity to escape, he chanted ‘freedom’ repeatedly and finally broke down his imprisonment, laughing as he flew away. Now, Sun has finally arrived at the Land of Dawn where in here, this stone-borned monkey’s soul can be tied down no more, and will start his own legend again.


Alpha is another creation of Laboratory 1718 after Saber left. Mad scientists got a new idea from a famous sci-fi movie. Using human bodies as biological material and space meteorolite as metal skeletons, they created powerful twins. Alpha and Beta, also known as ‘Flesh Weapon’, are capable of utilizing a supernatural power that’s ubiquitous but very mystery. However, the twins had always had a strong conscience, and refused to become killing machines. Getting help from Saber, they escaped from the alt-world. However, on their way to escape, Beta’s core was destroyed. All that Alpha could retrieve, was Beta’s half metallic arm. After coming to the Land of Dawn, with the help of master machinist Rooney, now Beta keeps company with Alpha as a form of an aircraft.


It was another peaceful night in a remote village among the Dark Forest, but interupted by the vicious howling of the wolves from afar. In a small cabin, a little girl was kneeling on her bed, praying. Next to her stood a disproportionately giant scythes Indeed, she was praying for the return of the legendary hunter – Roger. Only he could save the villiage from being vandalised by the wolves.

Years earlier, Roger saved her family by accident when he was wandering on the Land of Dawn. His bravery took a huge toll on the wolves. Under the request from the elderly in the village, Roger finally stayed to train the villagers. One day, he left the village without any notice, and no trace to be found.

What happened in the fairy tales can seldom be the same in reality. On a silent, moonless night, Pale Tusk,the wolf king, caught the village off guard and sneaked in with his kind. In the end, the grandfather and grandmother died from protecting Ruby, who in turn made a narrow escape by hiding under the corpse of the grandparents. No one could imagine that from the moment she witnessed her grandparent’s death, her character completely changed. Outraged, she got back on her feet, picked up the scythes, rushed into the wolves and slaughtered almost all of them. Under the seemingly weak appearance now lies an unsettling, irritable soul. Pale Tusk was the only survivor among the wolves. Staring at the skyline, Ruby determined to put a happy end for all the good people in evey story. Pale Tusk was never defeated before, but this time it came in the severest way. Ruby gradually regained consciousness after Pale Tusk left. But whenever the wolves howl, her eyes become once more filled with rage.

Yi Sun-shin

Chungmugong Yi Sun-shin was a famous general in an Asian kingdom. He was extremely loyal and of prowess. At the time when the nation was in danger, Yi Sun-shin built a powerful navy and created the iron armored ‘turtle ship’, making indelible contribution to Korea Kingdom for dominating around sea areas. ‘Wherever iron turtle ships sail on, the sea areas belong to me.’ said Yi.

Yi was excellent at ‘overtaking majority with the minority’. Under the leadership of Him, Korean navy defeated over 330 enemy warships with only 12 ships, gaining the great triumph of Battle of Myeongnyang. To this day, the legend of this Asian general still lives on in the people’s hearts.


Moskov, shooting to fame during the Dhamu Tournament, was already a battle master at his youth. He inherited the family’s occult spear fighting skills, and as the next leader of the clan Wildsand, he was loved and respected by many. Watching Wildsand clan growing stronger day by day, the khan of Thornwolf which is the hegemony on Hietala Grassland couldn’t sit back any longer. One day when the youngsters of Wildsand went out hunting, he slaughtered the entire clan with his own people. The whole land was scorched by blazing flames of war. Blood flowed like stream, yet a slight warmth still remained on the bodies of  died families and friends. Faced with this cruel vision, Moskov could not persuade himself to accept it. But even worse, khan dispatched a formidable cavalty trying to hunt down the Moskov’s hunting party which was the only survivors from the massacre. In a panic, some escaped and some wanted to surrender, and Moskov, for the very first time, lifted his spear and aimed at his own buddies.

Suffering from this painful experience, Moskov became ruthless with a thought of revenge haunting him constantly. However, the khan was too strong to defeat. In order to obtain more power, Moskov chose to fall into the Abyss of Shadow and serve the Queen of Doom, becoming notorious as ‘the Spear of Quiescence’ ever since.


Johnson, with a hardy constitution as a rock, when he ran through the dome stadium like a heavy truck, the cheers of girls Burst out loud. He led the team to lift the champion’s trophies and achieved his peak of his life as a super quarterback with millions fans around. However, fortune is always fickle. A little girl rushed to the road in a sudden while Johnson was driving his sport car. To avoid hitting on the little girl, his car crashed severely. Massive hemorrhage was going to take away his life soon in a minute.

At that moment, a miracle occurred, that the wreckage of the sport car started to blend into Johnson’s body by a mystery force. Consequently, he not only just survived from the crash, also became a magical new human who can transform to a sport car.


Cyclops is a giant with only one eye, yes, at least he is in his own homeland. Cyclops were obsessed with stars and skies when he was little. He watched all days and nights and discovered the truth that planets were moving all the time. And this kind of movements, it contains unbelievable magic power. With an hourglass to load and control this kind of power, he became the famous ‘Starsoul Magician’ in his homeland.

Planetary movements will never stop, hence his strength is extremely powerful and invincible, which, however, made him feel lonely. One day, Cyclops arrived at the Land of Dawn during his space travel and he found out in surprise that there were so many strong opponents waiting him to defeat. ‘I come, I see, I conquer!’ Said Cyclops.


At the habitat of moon elves, somewhere west of the Moonlake, here locates the legendary Emerald Woodland, which was the birthplace of the first generation of elves. Every elven king was born in the Tree of Life at the center of the Emerald Woodland.

The elven king of present generation is the unique Estes, who was badly hurt during the second plane war and had to go into sleep in the Emerald Woodland. Moon elves lost the guide from their king ever since. However, when the flames of wars between human and orcs burned on this peaceful woodland, the young Moonlight Archer – Miya, stood up and gathered rest elves to protect their homeland.

However the dominator of dark abyss is thirsty for more believers and the dark force has been growing stronger in secret. Seduced by the Blood Queen, Alice, some young elves have fallen. The race of moon elves was once again at stake, which outraged the great elven king! At a night of thunder and lightning, Estes woke up. He’s strict but benevolent, and entitled with the strength by the sacred moonlight to protect his people and to support his allies. With the Code of Moonlight in his hands, he swore to repel every enemy who dares to violate his homeland.


On the barren Megalith Wastelands, all one can see are the giant rocks and the sparse bushes, but this desolate land is where Hilda and her people call home. The land’s infertile soil required everyone in the clan to become a good hunter in order to acquire precious meat. Born with great strength, Hilda soon became the leader of the hunting party and led her people to harvest great amounts of food.

However, an unknown power in their territory drove wild animals into a frenzy and it became more and more difficult to hunt. Eventually, crazy beasts started to attack the clan. As the patriarch’s premonition of a crisis started to become a reality, Hilda was forced to search for new habitats. With the hopes and dreams of the tribe on her back, she headed to the Land of Dawn, and with her rich hunting experience, she became a mercenary of great reputation and expertise. Her only wish is to find a new home for her people and to fight for their future.


Aurora, born in a windstorm and with a great power of controlling ice and snow, is the queen of the northernmost land – Nost Gal, the dominator of the Frozen Sea and the Guardian of the Land of Dawn. Although they are all on this northernmost land, Aurora never had any interest in the conflicts between Franco and Bane. She was born powerful and extraordinary. As one of the four Guardians of the Land of Dawn, she undertakes all those responsibilities of protecting the world, protecting its border and ensuring its safety from the spacetime rifts and monsters.

During a horrible plane fight, Aurora lost one arm, along with her guardian knight. After this experience, the young queen became solemn and cold, silent and full of sorrow. When she riding on the wind travels, there’s only snow and ice keeping her company. 


The mysterious waters to the south of the Land of Dawn are dotted with islands big and small. Here the land is fertile, the climate mild. Life thrives, and food is in abundance. People live lives of peace and happiness. But one day, a group of invaders came upon this peaceful land and disrupted the happy lives of the people. ########The chief of Makadan Island, Lapu-Lapu, refused to become anyone’s slave. “The enemy has iron spears. We have brave hearts,” he declared. Lapu-Lapu took up his twin blades and led his people into battle, slaying countless invaders. Under his leadership, they won victory and the respect of the enemy, free once again to live in peace. But this incident of “outside invaders” made our hero aware of the world beyond the island, and though beset by enemies, he packed his bags and began a journey to learn about this world.


A long, long time ago, there was a small country with a kind and caring king and queen, held in high esteem by their subjects. Under the protection of the King of Light, they lived a peaceful life. But deep underground, the dark lord of the Abyss was plotting to invade their land. The Dark Lord sent the enchanting vampire queen, Alice, to seduce the king. The king stopped attending court and no longer cared for his once beloved queen or kingdom.

The king’s betrayal razed the queen’s sanity in flames of jealousy, and in an attempt to win back her husband’s heart, she made a deal with the dark lord to regain her youth and beauty. Every day in the kingdom, another young and beautiful maiden went missing, and a panic fell over the people. The country grew weaker with each passing day, and the sacrifices demanded by the queen’s sorcery grew as well. Finally, the kingdom collapsed, with no more sacrifices to be found, and the devouring power of darkness suddenly caused the queen to become a wizened and frightening monstrosity.

A thousand years have passed, and this unknown kingdom has since disappeared in the winding river of history, leaving only the legend of the demon queen. Very few today connect this tale with the great and terrible Necromancer Vexana in the Land of Dawn. After all, it happened so very long ago.


Roger lives outside the Black Forest in the east of the Megalith Wastelands. He was once an upstanding soldier of the empire whose greatest strength and weakness were his stubbornness. After leaving the army he became an experienced hunter who earned a living with his trade. Many dangerous animals live in the Black Forest. The most terrifying of these are not the rare magical beings but the hundreds of wolves led by the new “White Fang,” the new Wolf King. They use their skills in group tactics to attack in packs, and “White Fang” himself has awakened magic abilities within him with the help of an ancient power. In order to satisfy their need for food, the wolves began to appear outside the borders of the Black Forest where they would attack travelers passing by

Motivated by his sense of justice, Roger determined to remove this threat to the common people. He followed “White Fang’s” tracks and discovered the wolves had surrounded a small village in preparation to attack. Suddenly a wolf’s howl broke the silence, and the pack of wolves rushed in and attacked all the inhabitants of the village. Just as “White Fang” was about to feast on an injured little girl, Roger used his hunting instincts to launch an attack and save the girl, whose name was Ruby, and her family. Roger succeeded in pushing back “White Fang” and his wolves, but was injured by the Wolf King in the battle. Roger mimicked the language of the wolves to warn “White Fang” to leave the village. The retreating “White Fang” looked back at the bloodied Roger, a look of enmity in his eyes. Unable to forget the fear that pierced his heart that day, Roger began to worry that “White Fang” would come back for revenge. He began to train Ruby in how to fight wolves. During this training, his body began to change. He knew these changes were somehow related to “White Fang.” For the safety of the others, Roger left the village in secret.

When Roger returned to his home, he slowly realized that the ancient power “White Fang” carried had began to infect his own body. “Even one of a pure heart, one who misses not once his nightly prayers, is helpless to resist the lupine transformation in the dark grass under a moonlit sky. ” On the night of a fullmoon, Roger was horrified to discover that the legend was true as he transformed into a werewolf. In order to avoid hurting others in his deranged transformed state, he had no choice but to leave his home.


Alaghat is a mysterious technique empire. There lives a strange humanoid race – Yasson. They are in human shape while having a pair of deformed feet. They are agile and born to fight. Meanwhile, they are also good at techniques that allow them to create a significant civilization and to invade the others. Since Karrie was a child, she was very talented and trained into an excellent and arrogant warrior leader, but at the same time, she lost her feelings and became a machine. During one battle, she was overconfident and got injured seriously. But a prophet from another race saved her and inject his consciousness into her brain. Since then there has been a voice in her head, the prophet told her that the ruin of her empire is about to come and there will be no Yasson anymore. After her escape from death, Karrie didn’t believe it. But she started to suspect it after returning to her empire. For saving her empire, for her redemption, Karrie chose to believe and came to the Land of Dawn. What kind of destiny is waiting for her?


Gatotkaca ‘The Iron Bone’ was the son of Bima and Arimbi from Arcapada universe.Since his childhood, he’s been a champion of Gods, fights vicious enemies of his homeland. Once lost and beaten near death,Gatotkaca arise as a mighty warrior from Pandava clan who possessed the supernatural power he got from the ultimate training inside the cauldron of heaven, Candradimuka.With his Antakusuma armor and Brajamusti-Brajadenta twin gauntlet, he can fly across the skies like lightning and hunt down his enemies, the furious Ashuras. Gatotkaca, the Knight of Priggadani is a symbol of bravery and devotion.*Based on ‘Garudayana’ comic series created by Is Yuniarto, inspired from Indonesian traditional shadow puppets.


There lived a famous young mage – Harley in the Lion Academy of Magical City. He is blessed by the Magical Goddess and as the star of the Academy, he is able to learn quickly and master any magical spell.

Kids need adventure when Harley and his friends were exploring the jungle in the middle of the night, they overheard the evil conspiracy of the organization called “Dark Wizards”. The brave young men decide to stop them! First, they need to find the secret base of Dark Wizards and report to the headmaster. But during the investigation, he accidentally activated the space portal and teleported to the other side of the Land of Dawn – Scholar City.

With the help of the mecha master – Rooney, the brave and energetic boy and his partner Lolita, Bruno, Alpha and Saber went back to the Magical City to destroy the core of Demorte, the Boss of Dark Wizards. To improve his battle techniques, Harley started his adventure in the Land of Dawn.


Irithel was abandoned in the jungle by her parents when she was a little girl. Under the guidance of the God of Jungle, a female smilodon that had just given birth adopted her. Being protected by the mother smilodon, the little smilodon Leo and Irithel learned to hunt, survive and grew up like an animal. During a territory fight, the mother smilodon was badly injured. When Irithel and her “brother” Leo went to a town for help, they were captured as “smilodon children” by a slaveholder. When the cat elf mage – Nana passed by and couldn’t watch them getting beaten to death, she suddenly had the super power inside her that allowed her to save these 2 poor children. With the help of Nana, Irithel was able to understand human languages and combat skills while Leo grew up to a strong adult smilodon. But she still hates human and trusts her only friend – Leo.


Deep within the mountains of the Land of Dawn sits an ancient fortress. Though the owner is unknown, it is rumored that it could be a descendant of the legendary race that once walked the Lands of Dawn. It said that this race is older than the earth itself, having a special affinity for nature, they were able to build deep connections and relations with various beings of nature, especially the Stone Titans.

These amiable giants possess rocky skin that is almost impervious to all physical force, but due to their kind nature, they mainly use their physical prowess to sleep safely. These stony giants love sleeping so much that they will hibernate for up to half a year sometimes, but however once they are awakened, it is hard for them fall asleep again. One day when Grock awoke again, he found himself to be alone, the guardians of the fortress long gone. He proceeded to saddle the fortress onto his back to find the owners, setting out all over the Land of Dawn to find any news on their whereabouts, so he may one day return their home to them.


The Moniyan Empire of the Land of Dawn once enjoyed the blessings of angels. The Angel of Light, Rafaela, shone down on the people and healed all of their illnesses; the Angel of Dark, Argus, became the punisher of crime. Together they maintained peace and balance throughout the land.

Rafaela and Argus were originally angelic partners who operated with a tacit understanding. Though Argus was in charge of punishment and possessed an extreme personality, he still established the Temple of Light to show the people of the realm that was more to the world than war and conflict; that kindness, comfort and encouragement should also fill their lives. As such he did not always resort to punishment and death while managing the affairs of the empire. As time passed, those who Argus had to punish increased in both evilness and strength. In order to face these opponents, it was necessary for him to become increasingly stronger himself. But even Argus was late to realize that he had become addicted to the rush of defeating strong enemies in battle. He had once acted purely to punish those who sinned, but now sought only his own strength and glory. It was in this way that Argus fell from grace.

Argus’ situation had long been watched by the Lord of the Abyss, who intentionally caused crimes that pushed Argus further into his corruption. He promised Argus to use dark powers to increase, and in order to win himself such a strong servant even baited Argus with knowledge of an ancient seal of power. Completely driven by his lust for power, Argus broke the ancient seal and released from within it the evil sword Demise. Argus fell completely under the Abyss Lord’s control, acting as his most loyal servant.

Legend states that the user of the sword Demise will be drained of all lifeforce until taken by death. Consumed by his desire for power, Argus sacrificed his life to the blade and coexists with it in dark equilibrium. He hungers for battle and chaos, thirsts for worthy opponents who can satisfy his taste for combat. He is an angel whose blade blackens souls.

The Angel of Light Rafaela has never stopped searching for him. She knows that the corruption of an angel is far worse than the corruption of any man. In each of her attempts to heal the corruption and desire in Argus’s heart, she is inevitably attacked and chased away. Faced with the new Argus, a stranger to his former self, she cries tears of regret. Argus, however, holds nothing back in his attacks against Rafaela. The redemption of the Angels of Dark and Light will influence the fate of the realm.


To the south of the Moniyan lies a sapphire like speck admist the misty mountains. It is in fact the Swan Lake, named after the beautiful yet authoritative Swan Castle that lies on the lake’s shores. Many years ago the Regina family fled from the empire’s capital to the lake in order to escape political conflicts and erected a Swan-like castle.

According to legend that when Odette, the thirteenth generation scion was born, swans flocked to the castle to pay their respects.  Princess Odette is said to have a contagious smile, leading people to say she is a goddess in human form. In order to match the praise that people have piled on her, Windor mastered the most difficult of noble magics. 

Despite being universally admired, Odette had been lonely at heart until chance brought her to Lancelot, whose wounds had led him to faint on the lakeshore. During Lancelot’s recovery, the two soon developed a deep unconditional love.


Lancelot hails from the Baroque family of the Land of Dawn. At a young age he showed exquisite talent in the art of fencing, garnering the praise of the masses to the extent where he eventually became lost in delusions of grandeur.

When the magical tribes of the south attacked, Lancelot, who had just awoken from a drunken stupor, arrogantly attacked them alone. After winning a few battles, he dropped his guard and pursued the remaining forces, but soon the tribes regrouped and defeated him, sending him plummeting to the mountain depths.

He was found and nursed back to health by Princess Odette, and soon became enamored with her purity, understanding how wrong he was to be so arrogant and shallow in the past. While recovering at Swan Castle, Lancelot soon realized the magical potential of the Regina family, and was able to integrate it into his fencing, culminating in the shadow step maneuver. Now, he once again sets foot in the arena of battle to test his new skills.


Scholars and thinkers from all over the world gather at the city of Antoinerei. It is here where the commonly overlooked Diggie lives. Many don’t give a second look to Diggie due to his small frame, until they come upon his researches in chronoscience. Diggie loves clocks, he believes that within these little mechanical toys lies many more yet to be discovered secrets.

Through the use of his “Time Nest” Diggie can control the flow of time. He is also able to release his friends from the physical shackles of time, taking them along with him. Beware though, for if you anger him, be prepared for the taste of a Hoot Hoot ‘Time Bomb’!


Amidst the misty mountains within the northern reaches of the Land of Dawn, reside an ancient and mysterious race of Centaurs. These centaurs guard a fountain that rests on the highest mountain peak. This fountain is said to give the gift of life. Dark forces have relentlessly tried to gain the power found within the waters of this fountain, but only to be time and time again be thwarted by the centaurs.

However, as time went on, the centaurs tired and attrition soon took hold. It was not until he arrived. Where throw his mastery of nature’s wrath he was able to punish all the invaders of the fountain. Hylos had become a legendary figure within the annals of the Land of Dawn.


A great civilization rose out of the ashes of history, but the aggressive nature of the Kastiyans have persisted to the present. Kastiyans use their time space warping and psionic mind abilities to vanquish weaker races at pleasure.

After countless generations of evolution, the Kastiyans have been able to fully mentally manipulate the insect spirit “Domorey”, or the ‘nightmaric spawn’ as they call her in the Kastiyan language. This immortal spirit is able to appear at anywhere, with enough power to break through any known physical or magical barriers.

After the Kastiyans brought her back to their home planet, they inscribed her spirit into an almighty staff. This staff is now wielded by the King of the Kastiyans, Zhask,who has already used it to invade numerous worlds. Through invasion, the Kastiyans have been able to enslave the minds of the inhabitants and plunder all their resources.

Zhask, has left his  ‘Plane Dominator’ signature on the many worlds that he has scourged. One of the many spirit he sent out to scout for ripe worlds, was entrapped by the Saintly Angel Argus, but however, after Argus was downcasted, the spirit escaped and re-established the link with the motherbrood. This in turned made Zhask aware of the Land of Dawn. Seeing the vast resources that are ripe for the plunder, Zhask has landed upon the fabled land, to do what he does best:  Dominate, Kill and Reap.


In the historical records of the Land of Dawn, there is said to be a mysterious race who sacrificed their souls to the ruler of the Abyss in exchange for great power. Their bodies were transformed using dark magic, granting them the ability to swallow light and travel through space in the blink of an eye, allowing them to surprise their enemies with deadly sneak attacks. What was most terrifying about them, however, was the concoction of natural poisons emitted from their tails, for those unfortunate enough to come into contact with this poison would soon be saying their last words.

However, this is what caused the ultimate demise of this race. In the annals, the specifics of how this race were wiped out are not made clear, but it is certain that this terrifying race definitely walked upon on the Land of Dawn. Since their extinction, humanity had progressed prosperously, however, the history books could not predict that one day these creatures would slowly creep out of the shadows once more…


The Crow people of Askati Forest are one of the oldest races to still exist in the Land of Dawn. This race was united by the Crow King Osana, under whose venerable leadership they perfected the art of Sky Magic.This unique school of magic allows its wielder to soar across the skies, and grants the ability to strike from enormous distances, however, only those who have had their blood ‘awakened’ can use it.

The noble Princess Pharsa was born with an unknown type of blood which was said to hold enormous potential if awakened, but as hard as they tried, the baffled people of her tribe failed to unleash its true power. Soon enough, Pharsa’s special blood became a burden, as ill-intentioned opportunists from across the land sought to reap it for their own benefit. On the day of Pharsa’s wedding, the tyrannical witch Alice invaded the Askati Forest, mercilessly slaying countless Crows and leaving a smoldering trail of ruin in her wake. Numbed to the core by the carnage surrounding her, Pharsa dropped Osana’s ancient crown to the floor. Her appearance began to change, as unprecedented power coursed through her veins — her blood had been awakened. Pharsa’s eyes clouded over, as one side of her hair turned pure white, and she soared into the sky to unleash a torrential assault of horrifying magical power fierce enough to drive Alice away.

Verri, the love of her life, couldn’t bear to see his betrothed suffer a life of blindness alone, and chose to accompany Pharsa wherever she went, utilizing his own magic to become permanently linked to Pharsa, and allowing her to see through his eyes. Pharsa wishes her power had never been awakened, she wishes even more that her home had not been destroyed, but that witch took everything from her, and now it is time for revenge…


Lesley grew up in the Vance household, where her father presided over the noble family’s security. During an attack by a rival family, Lesley’s father was killed. As the assailants approached the Vance household, Lesley took up her father’s black long rifle and fulfilled her late father’s mission. Tears rolled down Lesley’s cheeks as she fired shot after shot, each one taking down an assassin. The final tear came as the final shot took down the last of the rival family’s men.

Lesley was adopted by the Vance family, with the patriarch of the noble house even putting their sole heir, Harley under her tutelage. Harley, was a natural troublemaker, who used his talents in magic to cause trouble for the Vance household, only Lesley could keep Harley under control. Harley’s troublemaker’s streak was the last part of warmth within Lesley’s conscience.

After hearing about how Harley had travelled to the dangerous Land of Dawn, Lesley follow along with her trusty heirloom rifle. After she found Harley through a long arduous journey, she found the once immature young boy had changed through the numerous life experiences he had gone through. She decided it would be best to have her adopted little brother train here, while she silently protects him from the shadows. From that day on, all the monsters that were inflicted with Harley’s magic would also be struck with a black bullet. Stories of the magical youngster that was followed by a mysterious black sniper soon spread.


Clandestine organizations have existed throughout the many ages of the Land of Dawn’s history. No one knows the true purpose of these organizations, but one thing is for sure, whenever a crisis is at hand, mysterious figures emerge from the shadows to restore order to the world.

Professor Henry and his wife worked for the Dawn Council, known for its research in cutting-edge technology, providing an endless and varied stream of high-tech products to government agencies and mysterious, anonymous clients. But when they finally finished developing the “SMART-01”, all this changed, as their new creation was more intelligent and powerful than any android the world had seen before, and was designed so that once a genetically matched host controlled him, he could act according to the controller’s consciousness. The leaders of the Dawn Council saw the potential of this technology for warfare and ordered the Henrys to transfer the technology to selected government agencies for a mass production program. The Henrys refused.

After ordering their Prototype One to destroy all of the experiment’s data, the Henrys mysteriously disappeared. To this day, little Alice has no knowledge of these events. All she knows and cares about is that this special robot has always been there to protect and accompany her, and that he calls her “Honey” like her father once did, while she affectionately calls him “Jawhead” in return. The only clue left behind by her parents was a pocket watch she carries with her wherever she goes. Finally, Alice decides to journey with her robot friend to track down her parents’ whereabouts…


Dr. Baker was one of the founders of Lab 1718, an institution created with the aim of bringing peace to the world. But as his co-founders fell deeper and deeper into their depraved human weaponization experiments, Dr. Baker felt he had no choice but to leave and pursue a new project. Renouncing the questionable ethics of human experimentation, he endeavored to create a new kind of lifeform, solely from a mechanical skeleton, puppet strings, and synthetic skin, and finally, a new generation of artificial life was born. Dr. Baker firmly believed that love and hope were the greatest inventions of mankind, so he programmed the world’s most moving stories into the heart of his new creation.

One bright morning, Peace Android Prototype 1 awakened from her bed, and Dr. Baker bestowed upon this adorable mechanical angel, the name Angela. Angela followed Dr. Baker’s tutelage, studying hard to understand the world, and hoping to meet the doctor’s high expectations. However, their peaceful life together was soon cut short. When the mad scientists of Lab 1718 heard rumors that Dr. Baker had created a living soul outside of a human body, they couldn’t believe it. They convinced themselves that Baker had betrayed them, keeping this knowledge to himself before fleeing, and so they ordered Dr. Baker’s past creations, Alpha and Beta to hunt down Dr. Baker and his creation. As their pursuers were just about to close in on them, Dr. Baker placed Angela into a flight capsule, instructing her to seek out his good friend Dr. Rooney.

However, the flight capsule was struck down a terrible thunderstorm, and landed in a remote corner of the Land of Dawn. Emerging from the wreckage, Angela began her journey to find Dr. Rooney, and save her father.


The Paxley family is one of the most powerful and prestigious magic families in the Land of Dawn, and each member is raised to become a mage of the finest order. In their eyes, the path of the magician is the most sacred and noble vocation there is, and all those who brandish a sword in battle are merely weak, dim-witted fools. Gusion, however, is determined to break the mold. The patriarch’s fourth son, Gusion, exhibited a high affinity towards light elements at a very early age, but rather than spend his days with his nose buried in a book, Gusion would use his control over light to imbue himself with the speed to run laps of the family estate in mere minutes, and to enchant old ceremonial swords with powerful light energy. He always believed that the family elders were incurably stubborn and rebelled against their wishes at every opportunity.

Finally, Gusion was given the chance to prove himself, when the time came for him to take the Paxley family’s most important test — a rite of passage into adulthood. With Gusion’s blistering speed in battle, his opponent was unable to lock onto his position, and with his light-charged blade, he claimed victory before his opponent even had a chance to launch a single spell. The elders were in awe of his incredible form and fighting technique, but with their deep-rooted prejudice against physical combat and their strict adherence to tradition, they gave Gusion two choices: to either abandon his fighting style or be banished from the family. Facing such adversity and unable to control his rebelliously independent nature, Gusion chose to leave the family, convinced that soon the entire Land of Dawn would know his name and understand the true extent of his power.


Legend has it, that at the end of the western desert, there lies a beautiful and rich country. This fabled land is where Valir is from. From his very first day at the magic academy, Valir’ extraordinary control over the arcane was clear for all to see. Gord, who was teaching arcane arts at the time, saw a little of himself in Valir, and began to teach the most coveted secrets of the arcane to his inquisitive pupil. However, Gord came to regret his actions, disturbed by the negative energy that began to radiate from Valir and his violent tendencies. Eventually, Valir started combining the ancient flame spells from his desert homeland with arcane power to create a unique form of arcane flame magic. Gord felt he had betrayed himself, allowing his pure arcane wisdom to be tarnished by these wild flames from an unknown land.

Enraged, Gord attempted to remove the power of flame from Valir’ body. Valir resisted with all his might, and half of the academy was destroyed in the ensuing battle. At the end of the fracas, Gord was left feeling somewhat proud that Valir’ arcane flame magic could hold up against his own pure arcane power. In the end, Valir left the academy, and Gord began working on creating a flying machine fueled by arcane energy, intent on searching the world for a new apprentice.


The Shura clan have thrived in isolation for countless generations, their men renowned for being the world’s bravest fighters, and their women famed for being the world’s greatest beauties. At the heart of the Shura clan’s beliefs lies the legend of the Three Thousand Worlds. The legend speaks of three thousand secret worlds, which upon entering, one must face various levels of psychic trials and advance to world after world upon victory. The people of the Shura clan have discovered a way to enter these worlds, and only those who have conquered over three hundred worlds are granted the title of “Ashura”, raising them to the level of a demigod in the eyes of their people. However, in the innumerable eons of Shura history, none managed to conquer the fabled three thousand worlds, until Martis appeared.

With ambition and determination capable of shaking the very heavens, Martis trained every day of his life to become stronger, tirelessly advancing through the secret worlds, each personal breakthrough against the legions of demons granting him a sense of unique personal satisfaction. No one knows how many years passed before Martis reached the final secret world, but his desire for glory drove him onwards. After numerous defeats, he fell into despair, but even then, he refused to give up. He transformed his sheer thirst for victory into twin blades of righteous fury, now known as the Ashura’s Teeth, and for countless days and nights, battled against the demons of the final world with strength and determination never seen before on the mortal plane. He finally became the first Ashura to defeat the three thousand secret worlds and has since been regarded as ‘King Ashura’, ruling tens of millions of aspiring Ashura.


The Celestial Palace – Legend has it that this city floating above the skies of the Land of Dawn was once home to the gods. It is also said that this mysterious place holds the key to ruling the world… Eons ago, the ruler of the Celestial Palace used the technological secrets of the ancients to create Uranus, and commanded his creation to guard the city and wait for the emergence of a new ruler.

When scholars from the Land of Dawn found and opened the gates to the Celestial Palace, the battle between the Dawn Zenith and the Dark Abyss quickly spread throughout the realm, disrupting the quietude of this ancient city. The two camps sought to occupy the Celestial Palace as a symbol of victory, their heroes unleashing the full extent of their power, and finally reaching an impasse. The massive energy released throughout their incessant battles eventually awakened the ancient city’s defense system, and was converted directly into lighting power which fed and reawakened Uranus, who lay dormant in depths of the Celestial Palace. “Leave now, intruders!” he roared upon awakening, and then charged to the battlefield, fueled by lightning, aether, and boundless rage. The guardian has returned, and is now ready to fulfill his destiny. His goal — to expel these savage intruders disturbing the tranquility of the Celestial Palace.


Hanabi received the teachings of the Scarlet Shadow ninja sect’s Supreme Grandmaster from a young age, exhibiting natural talent that far exceeded any of her peers, until she met a young shadow ninja called Hayabusa. This was the very first time the proud Hanabi came across anyone who could hold their own against her. Whenever the moon was full, Hanabi would try to find ways to provoke this young shadow ninja into dueling with her, however, she could never defeat this youngster, who fused spiritualism with shadow techniques to create a unique and powerful style.

As the two of them slowly grew up together, it began to dawn on Hanabi that this young shadow ninja carried the burden of an inescapable fate — Hayabusa was in fact destined to challenge and kill the legendary former Shadow of Iga for his betrayal of their clan. After the two young ninjas fought, Hayabusa would lie on the ground, staring up at the full moon in the sky, the reflection of the moonlight in his eyes quietly burning into Hanabi’s heart. Having never felt this kind of feeling before, Hanabi became very distressed. Whenever she saw Hayabusa and the young spiritualist girl known as Kagura smiling and laughing as they greeted each other, her heart would fill with inexplicable rage and vexation. When she heard that Hayabusa would become the clan’s next Shadow, she decided to take on the name Scarlet, and from the secret vault of the Supreme Grandmaster, she stole her sect’s forbidden weapon – the Higanbana. Hanabi decided that she would challenge her age-old rival to one final competition, and now her one aim in life is to find and kill the disgraced former Shadow before Hayabusa does.


Chang’e is the youngest disciple of the Great Dragon. From an early age, she exhibited amazing magical potential, quickly mastering the Great Dragon’s greatest spell — The Sacred Satellite. From then on, Chang’e earned the Great Dragons eternal love. However, Chang’e had an energetic and fun-loving personality that gave the Great Dragon quite a few headaches. Finally, he asked Zilong, his adopted son, to look after Chang’e. The Great Dragon was hopeful that Zilong’s diligent and determined character could help guide Chang’e. Serious as Zilong was, yet he came to love the vibrant and intelligent Chang’e as his little sister. They often spent countless hours together practicing magic. Zilong even managed to find the Moon Rabbit as a gift for Chang’e. Zilong was hoping that one day Chang’e would find out the strength of the divine rabbit and with its help she would improve her magic ability. Chang’e read the mind of Zilong and took a good care of the Moon Rabbit, accompanying it every day.

During the second War of the Planes, Zilong assisted the wise rulers of the land, traveling between worlds. After he left, Chang’e returned to her naughty and childish ways, even the Moon Rabbit did something naughty from time to time. At one point, the Great Dragon was not sure if there would ever be another day of peace—That is, until the Moon Rabbit swallowed one of his sacred pills by accident, thinking it was candy. The Great Dragon immediately cast the Moon Rabbit out of his sanctuary. To everyone’s surprise, the Moon Rabbit rebelled again the Great Dragon. At the very moment of the Great Dragon taking its life, Chang’e saved the Rabbit and decided to assist Zilong and make up for her mistake together with the Moon Rabbit. Even then, the Great Dragon felt compelled to give Chang’e his precious Crescent Moon to protect her.


The Celestial Palace, home of the gods, was once a bustling city patrolled by innumerable Nazar guardians. Any demon who dared approach the city would be overwhelmed by their peerless flying speed and bound by their fearsome lightning whips which would strip their victims of all magical abilities. No demon could escape when pursued by these divine warriors, and thus perpetual peace was maintained in the Celestial Palace.

As their leader, Kaja was able to refine the power of lighting into pure energy to control as he so desired, inflicting catastrophic damage to all enemies who faced him, and was charged with directly protecting the ruler of the city. Countless eons ago, after the ruler completed the creation of the city’s guardians and departed, the city gradually fell into a state of ruin. When Uranus was activated, the ruler of the Celestial Palace handed down new orders to the Nazar — to drive the evil demons from the city and rebuild the Celestial Palace in anticipation of the master’s return.


In the Southern Moniyan Empire, a bottomless abyss is carved into a barren landscape—As if an ancient demon used a terrifying blade to permanently scar the Land of Dawn. The local populace call this place, The Shadow Abyss. Little does the world know, sealed away at the bottom of the Shadow Abyss lies the Land of Dawn’s most terrifying demon—The Abyss Dominator. Over the many centuries, the seal on the abyss has slowly faded, giving way to the hungry will of the Abyss. The demons tirelessly schemed of ways to strengthen their power over the darkness. Many misguided believers offer sacrifices to the Abyss, unknowingly feeding the demons, formed of dark energy in its purest form, always lurking in the darkness waiting to devour the carcasses of sacrifices.

One day, Selena, a young dark elf, was sacrificed by fanatic believers in exchange for dark energy. Elves being the demon’s favorite sacrifice, Selena was mercilessly thrown into the abyss. The Abyss Demon filled Selena with desperation and pain, which coursed through every vein of her young body. Just as Selena was about to be consumed by the darkness, a miracle occurred. A mysterious, warm-blue light enveloped her and appeared to be battling with the abyssal darkness over control of her fragile body. When Selena woke, she found herself still lying in the Abyss, but her skin now exuded strange blue glow and her once-lavender eyes were filled with a majestic scarlet glow—The Abyss Demon resting within her. The demons frantically wondered what had transpired.

The Will of the Abyss then spoke: “This girl is loved deeply, and this love has protected her from being consumed by darkness. The abyss and the moon god, two opposing forces, have reached a balance within her body.” An ancient and deep voice echoed through the minds of the demons, “Leave this girl to me. She will become the strongest warrior of the Abyss!” The Demons obeyed the commands and left Selena as she was. When Selena stood before the demonic inhabitants of the abyss, with the Abyssal Demon at her side, she completely forgotten her past. Selena quickly discovered that she could manipulate the dark magic of the Abyss. She could absorb the power of the Abyss into her body to transform herself into a demoness, capable of tearing her enemies into shreds. The Will of the Abyss appointed her as its voice, giving Selena uncontested rule over the demons of the Abyss. Even Alice, the proud Queen of Blood Magic, felt unsettled when she laid eyes upon the young dark elf—Not only because the Abyss chose Selena, but also because Alice could sense a terrifying power lying within this seemingly-cute and mischievous maiden named, Selena.


Legends from the Land of Dawn say that the Western Desert’s Minoan Kingdom possess a mysterious labyrinth. In the maze is a statue of a giant minotaur, which the people consider to be the mecca of the Minoan Kingdom. Some say that there is a group of contractors who guard the entire maze. ??The Kingdom produced a lot of precious jade, which brought the Minoan people great wealth. Very quickly, the entire kingdom was lost in the intoxicating allure of golden riches. Even many contractors, tasked with guarding the sacred maze became corrupted, abandoning their duty. Only one stayed—Aldous, who never forgotten his duty continued to the Minoan Labyrinth.

Until one day, a god came from the heavens to punish the lands. The powers of light and dark decimated the entire Minoan Kingdom, which even Aldous could not escape. Then two streams of energy surged into his body, Aldous thought he was about to die. However, the two streams of energy collided, causing great changes to his body. His skin grew long-black scales that could resist most attacks and monstrously large arms that could easily strike fear into people’s hearts.

When Aldous awoke from his daze, he found his people’s kingdom gone but the mysterious maze was now sealed by some unknown force. He and the remaining minotaurs decided that Aldous would stay to defend the maze, while the others travel towards the Land of Dawn to find answers. ??News of a mysterious force sealing the Minoan Maze spread quickly to the Abyssal Kingdom. To gather this strange energy, Selena brought her Abyssal Demons with her to the entrance of the Minoan Maze — A huge battle was about to begin.


If you often go to the tavern, then you surely have often heard of Claude. His story is one of the favorite topics of tipsy travelers—One of the most famous legends in the Land of Dawn.

Rumor has it, that this teenage human has a special talent for thievery. To Claude, thievery is an art from rather than a crime. In fact, Claude would often a send his victims a notice to let them know when he would commit the crime. Much to everyone’s bewilderment, Claude always succeeds in acquiring his targeted object, regardless of how strong or prepared are their rightful owners.

Whether if the target is a king’s heavily-guarded treasury, a magic library protected by powerful spells, or an dark fortress filled with the undead—Nothing can stop Claude from taking what he wants.

It is said that this young “Thief King” has a mysterious partner in crime. Some say his partner is a beautiful maiden, other’s say it’s his twin brother. However, most people believe in the version of the story where Claude’s partner is a wizard who practices black magic—This version quickly gained support after one of Claude’s victims recalled hearing an odd laughter. 

In recent times, Claude is said to be eyeing the latest research of the famed machine specialist in the city of Antoinerei, Dr. Rooney, who’s said to have invented a device that would allow its user to freely travel across the planes of existence and create mirror images.The Captain of the Guard, Bruno, caught wind of Claude’s hallmark notice and installed monitoring devices all over Antoinerei to catch him. As soon as Claude entered the city, he was caught by the City Guards and placed in an inescapable prison that utilized some of the best technology.

Just when everyone thought this was the end of the Thief King’s reign, Claude’s mysterious partner helped Claude escape from the prison. Not only that, but they also successfully stole Dr. Rooney’s new invention from his lab, just as promised on Claude’s notice.

As a triumphant Claude left Antoinerei, he noticed that Dr. Rooney’s device had a small note: “I hope you make the best use of this device. If you happen to have any ideas for improvement, you must write to me! —Rooney”


“Valir, my beloved brother. You lost everything the day we made The Pact. I’ll see to it that the Fire Kingdom restores everything to the way it once was. If you wish to avenge your cruel father, I do not blame you as long as you can cast away the storm within your heart. Nothing is as important as your happiness, not even my life.” Vale fell into deep contemplation as he began to write his letter to Valir. Those first few lines brought Vale back to the days of youth, when he and Valir were the closest of friends.

As Vale fell further into nostalgia, he remembered the day they met at a royal party. Ever since then, they both felt a strong affinity towards each other’s magic. For a long time, Vale and Valir were inseparable. Together, they left many memories in the Valley of the Winds, the Fire Kingdom, and many other exotic lands. When unrest flooded the Fire Kingdom, Valir quickly made his leave—Only Vale knows exactly how much Valir sacrificed that day.

As time went on, the day of The Pact was coming soon. Vale’s magical abilities to control the winds have grown more sophisticated over the years. In fact, he’s the only member of his family who can change the winds with magic Yet, Vale has never shown his magic to anyone before. Vale waited and waited for the day of The Pact to come. On that day, he would put on an spectacular display of wind magic for the boy who is like fire. Vale believes that Valir will see his magic and remember the precious time they had together and return to the splendorous time of their youth.


On a day much like today, Tigreal and his Expeditionary Forces of Light charged into the Fortress of Despair with all their might, and swiftly decimated the many of the undead lurking within. After this devastating defeat, Vexana realized she needed to find a formidable ally, who could take on the Warrior of Light head on, or else she would face certain defeat. Vexana paced back and forth as she carefully pondered who had the strength to defeat Tigreal. Suddenly, a vivid image of a face from long ago seared across her mind—Leomord.

A long time ago, the Fortress of Despair was actually the center of a beautiful and rich kingdom. Leomord and his Royal Knights vowed an oath to protect their King and the Queen, who was in fact Vexana. Any invader who dared attack the kingdom could not avoid the fate of death by Leomord’s sword. However, one day the kingdom came to ruin. That was the day Vexana transformed all of the kingdom’s creatures into the undead. Lionhart fell into great despair. Even if he could single-handedly eliminate all of the evil from the kingdom, he could not raise his sword against the women who was once his queen. He could not bear to watch the kingdom he loved and swore to protect fall into ruin. Leomord took his own life out of sorrow and desperation.

Leomord’s strength and resolve burned so brightly in life, that Vexana could not control him as a spirit. However, since the Fortress of Despair was met with a great danger, she had no choice but to awaken him. When he rose from the dead, Leomord felt that his soul was filled with torturous amounts of pain and despair. Whispering sweetly into his ear, Vexana told Leomord that the undead that stood before him were once the beloved people he swore to protect. She warned that if he did not protect the Fortress of Despair, then all of these innocent souls would suffer eternal damnation.

Leomord had no choice. He would rather be a slave to Vexana’s sorcery than watch his compatriots suffer another day. Leomord summoned his beloved horse, Barbiel, and his famed sword, The Oath Keeper.

Just as the Expeditionary Forces of Light stormed the horrific Fortress of Despair, Leomord and Barbiel struck the invaders with black lightening. Much of the Expeditionary Forces of Light were decimated. No one could withstand Leomord’s sword, or so they thought. Tigreal stood there in defiance with the Sword of Dawn drawn against Leomord. As their swords clashed, Tigreal could feel Leomord’s grief and  despair coming from his sword. On that day, Tigreal knew he met one of the strongest opponents he has ever faced.


As the final battle started, the Twilight Orb devoured the energies within the Mage and opened, from which stepped out a girl, who was surrounded by the power of Chaos and Order. Her eyes are as deep as the ancient lake.

The mysterious atmosphere she created then put all of the heroes into dreamland…… The power of Chaos and Order have been struggling against each other since the ancient time, and the struggle had driven the world into desperation. Lunox, the mysterious maiden, is the one who survived the desperation. With her unique talent, she can project her dream into reality and change it. 

One day, a sound whispered to her, and told her to balance the two powers with her dreamland ability. But the cost would be huger than ever. For the world she loves, she accepted this fate, channeled the two powers into dreamland and became one of the “Twilight Orb”, at the cost of falling into endless sleep. But the sound also told Lunox that one day, she will wake up to proceed her fate: to find other Twilight Orbs that are forgotten by history.


Long ago, the House of Akakage was hailed as the Gods of Ninja Arts. For generations, the Akakages researched and taught advanced ninjutsu. In order to achieve the pinnacle of ninja arts, the Akakages used a forbidden ninjutsu to rid their hearts of evil, anger, and greed by condensing them into a demon called, Hanekage. No one expected that Hanekage would have consciousness, despite lurking within their bodies.

When the legendary One Hundred Ghosts attacked the House of Akakage, the demon within them merged with the ghosts to become a single entity. Thus began a bloody feud between the Akakage and the powerful demon, Hanekage. At a grave cost, the Akakage used the ninjutsu, Blood Shadow, to temporarily seal the demon. In order to permanently seal Hanekage, the Akakages used their sacred tools to create a legendary sword, known as Ame no Habakiri. Not long after, the forefathers of the Akakage perished from the world. Their grieving disciples hid Ame no Habakiri in an unknown place that only members of the Akakage family could reach. Little did the Akakage know, the cunning Goddess of Death, Izanami, observed these events and secretly inserted a part of her soul in one of their progeny to one day resurrect Hanekage. ########After many generations, the House of Akakage was divided into the Crimson and Shadow factions. The Shadow Faction gave birth to strongest Akakage the clan has ever seen — Hanzo. As one would expect, Hanzo became the head of the Shadow Faction.

However, one day, Hanzo’s team discovered his secret. All this time, Hanzo secretly fused Hanekage’s power with his own body, feeding the demon with the blood of his enemies. When confronted by the Akakage’s Crimson Faction, Hanzo killed them all in cold blood. Absorbing the blood of such powerful people, Hanekage regained consciousness once again.

Hanekage told Hanzo that his noble clan hid the powerful Ame no Habakiri, as well as sacred ninjutsu, in a secret location only the Akakage could reach. The power-hungry Hanzo abused his blood right to acquire the forbidden ninjutsu and the fabled sword, Ame no Habakiri. The remaining members of the Akakage furiously chased after the clan’s traitor.

Emboldened by the power of Hanekage, Hanzo used his own clan’s sword against them and tore the powerful energy from their flesh. Desperate, the two Akakage factions came together once again to take on Hanzo as one. Heavily wounded, the final members of the noble House of Akakage could only watch Hanzo escape.

Hanzo secretly takes refuge recovers from his injuries. Night and day, Hanzo practiced the Akakage’s forbidden ninjutsu with Ame no Habakiri. After a decade, Hanzo could not achieve the pinnacle of ninjutsu like his forefathers. Hanekage consumed the flesh and blood of fallen ninjas and transformed into a magical armor for Hanzo. Hanekage struck a deal with Hanzo. In exchange for feeding Hanekage more blood, the powerful demon will help Hanzo reach the pinnacle of ninjutsu. Possessing the ability to reach the pinnacle of ninjutsu and the Ame no Habakiri, Hanzo brought a blood bathe to the world.


Legends say, the Ancient Ones of the Land of Dawn trusted mystical creatures with grand tasks.

Belerick, a member of the tree people, was one of this creatures. Belerick’s heart is filled with nothing but kindness—He absolutely hates conflict. Within his ancient self, Belerick possesses a strong life force that provides strong resistance against a attacks, but also allows him to reincarnate. Due to his kind nature, wherever there is conflcit, Belerick will be there to help the righteous and weak.

One day, Belerick believed he heard the words of the ancient ones guiding him towards the desert. However, he was met with disaster. The great Minoan empire was left in ruins and Minotaur people were filled with despair. In order to save what was left of the Minoans, Belerick unleashed all of his life force to create a beautiful oasis. The Minoan people were filled with hope once more. Seeing this, Belerick’s heart was at peace and fell into a deep slumber. Although Belerick can not pursue the task the Ancient Ones bestowed upon him, he felt no regret—There’s nothing more important than life after all.


Kimmy grew up in a military family. She was encouraged by her father, a renowned general of the Moniyan Empire, to be straightforward, self-disciplined and obedient. As a result, Kimmy developed a tomboy-ish character which everyone could see, be it in the way she dressed or in the way she spoke. Since childhood, Kimmy possessed a natural talent for research and innovation. Kimmy was always keen on analyzing and reforming chemical energies.

However, her father felt differently about his daughter’s passions. He wanted her daughter to completely stay away from wars and everything related to the military, and to lead a life like a normal person. Like all the teenagers, she rebelled against her father. In her opinion, except for the mechanical technology from the Eruditio and the mystifying magic power of the Magic Academy, a fusion of biotic and chemical energy could be the solution to many problems in the Land of Dawn. Over time, Kimmy’s interests drove a wedge between her and her father.

Beyond the minor quarrels between Kimmy and her father, Kimmy has achieved many great things. She invented the Coalescer


Deep within the mountains, darkness reigns over everything. The only light is the crimson lava that flows in the bottomless crevices. Since the beginning of the abyss’s reign on the mainland, countless demons became loyal followers of the Abyss. Fervent in their beliefs, the demons chant the will of the Abyss in these deep caverns — Only the strong deserve to rule!

Guarding the Abyss for millenniums, a tribe of fire demons nearly became the rulers of the Abyss. Thamuz, the king of the fire demons, and his people made the Abyss into a formidable power. He was an excellent warrior, with a fierce temper, unabashed to use cruel methods in achieving his goals. Possessing ungodly natural strength, Thamuz was appointed chief of the abyss, who led the abyss to conquer all of the underworld.

To Thamuz, all of his opponents were worthless scum, unworthy of living in this world. In his eyes, only he was worthy to lead. Thamuz could not accept the Blood Demon, Alice, as her bloodline was not pure — Thus, unworthy to command and enter war.

With the gates to the Abyss about to open, legions of demons eagerly await Thamuz’s return. However, once the King of Fire Demons returns he will burn away all the weak demons—Only the strong deserve to be a part of the Abyssal Army. Thamuz has been waiting for the day he leads the Abyssal Army across the Land of Dawn to let it be known — Only the strong shall reign!


Legends say that an ancient race of elves reside in the Land of Dawn’s Enchanted Forest. The stories often depict this cat-like race as small in stature, agile, playful, independent, and highly intelligent. However, few are aware of the longstanding alliance between the Leonin Elves and the Moon Elves.

From a young age, Harith surpassed his peers in talent and wisdom. He quickly became the strongest mage among the Leonins, perhaps as strong as others in the Land of Dawn. Though, the Leonins never step foot outside of the Enchanted Forest, living a peaceful and safe life on their own. The Leonins became so complacent with their blissful existence that they no longer pursued the magic arts, a hallmark of their people. Harith became very discontent with this trend and confidently set out of the Enchanted Forest to see the outside world at the young age of fifteen. Harith was driven by his ambition and passion for the magic arts, aspiring to become his people’s leader in magic.

Harith arrived the Land of Dawn’s capital, where he joined human armies to fight off the invading orc tribes. Proving himself in battle, Harith gained the recognition of Tigreal, who came to appreciate Harith’s lively spirit and strong abilities. People say, Harith was given the rank of lieutenant and will soon be appointed as an Imperial Master of Magic of the Moniyan Empire. With that said, Harith has imperial authorization to use magic to control space and time to unlock the Secrets of Dawn. Since then, Harith proudly served on an expedition through the Land of Dawn to seal away evil and protect justice.

Full of excitement and fervor, Harith also knew that once he is appointed the title of Master of Magic that he will become a target of public criticism. Committed to his dream of becoming his people’s leader in magic, Harith fearlessly marched forward alone. Over time, Harith discovered that his life was consumed by his mission and by the empire. Harith slowly grew lonely and elusive. Even when he met his fellow Leonin, Nana, he was unable to maintain a normal conversation. Despite Nana showing signs of affection towards him, he could not express his feelings, believing that the best way to protect her from criticism was for him to be alone. After all, whenever the empire needed magical assistance, the Master of Magic was on the job to seal away the dangers of evil.


In the mysterious village of the East there was once a hero, “Holy Spear” Minsitthar, who had saved his kingdom from danger. He was once the Prince of Mahar Pura and served in the Forces from his youth. After adulthood he was respectfully called one of the “Four Great Generals” of Mahar Pura with his remarkable achievements.

Minsitthar was invincible in wars, which earned the trust of the King and his people. They deeply believed that Minsitthar would be the King after his Father. Perseverant and courageous as he might be, yet he couldn’t avoid falling for an unacceptable love, and it enraged his Father and dried out all the trust and expectation towards his son. Minsitthar knew that he had made an unrecoverable mistake and fled out of the Palace in the dark night with his servants.

It was the first time that he left his homeland. But his exile had just begun. Years flew by when Minsitthar heard that his Father had passed away and his kingdom was in great danger. When he was hesitating whether he should stand out and save the kingdom, the messenger of his brother found him. He tried to persuade Minsitthar to come back and help them. Minsitthar and his brother had some disagreement in battlefield strategies, and the paranoid brother layer to his own plan and got killed by the rebelling army. Minsitthar united the soldiers and slain all the enemies with the Holy Spear his Father inherited to him. Mahar Pura was in peace again.

Shortly Minsitthar stepped onto the throne and became the new king of Mahar Pura. During the exile he had witnessed many methods of administration and he brought revolution and innovation to his kingdom. Soon later Mahar Pura became a prosperous kingdom again.


The Queen of the Southern Seas, Kadita, was once the princess of a small island nation. Admired by everyone, Kadita was considered by all to be genuine, intelligent, and kind hearted. Though, fate often times finds its way to hit people with strife. Kadita was no different. As the heir apparent to the king, a member within the royal family grew jealous of Kadita and conspired to ruin her — An unknown mage wielding the power of black magic viciously attacked the princess. Kadita came under a powerful spell that robbed her of all her beauty, giving her a strange skin disease in the process

The kingdoms people tried everything could to help their beloved princess, but no one could break the spell. Overtime, the people’s love for Kadita faded, causing her to lose power and confidence. Out of tremendous despair, Kadita threw herself into the stormy Southern Seas. However, Kadita was rescued by the ocean demons. Using the trident of the seas, the ocean demons were able to break Kadita’s powerful spell, but due to her skin disease her skin was never able to return to its original complexion. On that day, Kadita become the legendary Queen of the Southern Seas.

Assuming all new powers, Kadita became adept at controlling the ocean waters and the weather. Sailors from all corners of the world came to fear the Southern Seas as they were bound to suffer the wrath of Kadita — No one dared to conquer the Southern Seas any longer. Survivors recant their experiences facing Kadita. Some say she had the appearance of a strange mermaid, while others said she was more beautiful than the princess they knew before. As stories of Kadita began to spread, legends say that she possesses seven legendary spears, each with its own unique abilities, used to punish any invaders who intended to violate the Southern Seas.

As the story goes, Kadita collected the seven spears while guarding the Southern Seas. No one has the power to use all seven spears at once, except for Kadita.


Far from the Moniyan Empire stands an ancient castle. This castle has a glorious history comparable to the Moniyan Empire. Unfortunately, the castle collapsed overnight, as if it had suddenly disappeared. The tall gray walls were covered with dark black vines, which were more horrifying and strange under the moonlight. The breath of death makes the creatures close to this ancient building shudder and avoid. It seemed that the owner of the castle has been setting up the trap, waiting for the preys to fall.

A man wearing feathers stood on a distant hill, looking at this deadly castle. He silently read the name of the castle, “Necrokeep”. He tried to recall the memories of the past, only to be filled with pain over all his body. This pain awakened his inner hatred. As the most prominent magician of the time, Faramis was the only survivor of the disaster.

Few years ago, the Queen of this castle – Vexana betrayed her soul to save the fallen king, her husband. After gaining the ability to dominate the abyss, the whole castle was shrouded in dark energy, and the country was in chaos. Regardless of Faramis’s efforts to save Vexana, she still didn’t get better. Faramis kept trying all kinds of methods, hoping to cure the corrupted kingdom. Over time, it didn’t recede the disease. On the contrary, Vexana gradually became eroded by this energy into a full-fledged monster. Gradually this terrible rumor spread throughout the Land of Dawn.

The Moniyan Empire led the army to capture this place. For the peace of the mainland, the Imperial Knights had to destroy all the infected people here. Faramis pleaded with the Empire, but was rejected by the Empire. Instead, the imperial knights ignored the infected lives, and chained Faramis in a heavily guarded laboratory, Faramis could only watch the whole castle being smeared with charcoal, when the army of the empire retired three days afterwards, Faramis climbed out of the ruins of the castle miraculously. The castle was already unrecognizable. In order to survive, Faramis found the magic book of his life record in the ruins.

In the days of exile, he tested all these crazy dark magic on himself, constantly exploring the way he lived on his own body and creating more aggressive magic. The years of suffering had also turned him into a vengeful creep who never let go of any warriors of the empire. With the book of resurrection in hand, he has already understood this forbidden, yet immature magic. Still, the chains in his body are reminding him of the suffering from the empire, pushing him to plot against the Empire for the rest of his life…


Long ago there was a small village resting in the southern regions of the Land of Dawn. The villagers were very hardworking, fishing day and night for a living. Among them was a strong man, named Badang. Enthusiastic and brave, he tirelessly helped everyone solve their difficulties in life.

However, a strange thing happened in the village not long ago. The villagers got up early every day to catch fish. In the evening, they returned empty-handed, even the tools for fishing were broken. Everyone was upset, thinking it was the curse of a mystical water monster. As food supplies ran low, Badang decided to give them a hand to find out the truth. He did not believe in the water monster.

In the early morning, Badang went out to fish as usual. He came to the river near the village to set up a fishing trap. He not only placed a lot of fish, but also hid it with a giant fishing net prepared in advance, trying to find out who or what was causing the village’s problems. Shortly after, the river suddenly began to roll, a strange creature in the river appeared next to his trap. Devil-like and fearsome, it began to steal the fish and destroy the trap. Its eyes were fiery, with long hair and a long beard. Badang decisively threw a giant fishing net, trying to trap the monster. However, the monster pierced the fishing net with its giant teeth and started to break free. It constantly attacked him, but the fearless Badang jumped into battle with this fearsome beast without hesitation. The power of this monster was surprisingly strong and Badang’s arms were severely injured. When the beast was about to devour Badang, he used his remaining strength to insert the fishing spear into its body, and then pulled it to the river shore. After leaving the river, the monster gradually lost its moisture and began to dry. It couldn’t breathe for long. Badang had never seen such a creature.

Badang noticed a magical gem sparkling in its body. Struggling to speak, the water monster begged Badang to let it go, swearing it was the elf who lived in the river but suffered a horrible transformation. Once the beast headed to the southern mountains to prey on the fish but accidentally ate fish corrupted by evil energy. As it spoke, the beast’s body gradually began to change. The water beast began to regurgitate all the fish it consumed, along with the evil energy. Having returned to its natural state, the water elf deeply appreciated Badang.

After that, Badang got a stream of powerful energy and his injured arms were also restored and were way more powerful than before. Badang’s kind heart drove him to finally let go of the monster. Badang started helping the villagers day and night, whose lives slowly returned to normal. However, Badang couldn’t let go of the southern mountains that the monster spoke of. For the safety of his village, Badang was determined to find the source of the evil energy within the mountains and travelled across the islands, towards the Land of Dawn.


In the far reaches of the Western Desert, an ancient city lays hidden among the sands. Despite ages passing by, the desert sands were unable to devour this city, which stands proud and majestic in a sea of emptiness. Scholars of antiquities have long spoke of this fabled city, whose most infamous ruler was none other than Khufra

Khufra was a greedy ruler, colder than ice, and avaricious to limitless extents. In order to satisfy his personal desire to rule, he led the powerful army of Arnak to invade the city to conquer the Western Desert. Tirelessly, Khufra expanded his domain and riches beyond compare. Unfortunately, the Minoan Empire proved to be too difficult of a foe to conquer. 

Even so, Khufra longed for more power. He sought the most famous astrologer in the Land of Dawn to help himself. Much to Khufra’s dismay, the astrologer knew of Khufra’s insidious goals and declined and was swiftly slain. Only the young Eslora felt deeply attracted to Khufra, who then became lovers. Khufra’s callousness sent Eslora into a mess of internal conflict and love. Gradually, Eslora deeply loved Khufra and began to help Khufra with his rule. Over time, Eslora used her magical abilities to grant Khufra magical powers that were never before seen. However, Khufra became even more and more cruel and hungry for power. His conquests did not end with the Western Desert, he sought to conquer the entire Land of Dawn. Seeing the cruelty of her love, Eslora decided to save Khufra from the hate of the people. 

Even then, Khufra continued to use magic to enhance his powers. He asked Eslora to give all the spells to him. He must completely eliminate the Minoan Empire. No one could question his power. One night, Eslora came to Khufra and she deeply embraced her lover. She began to place Khufra under a powerful curse, while Khufra was expecting the ultimate power given by Eslora. Suddenly, Khufra felt suppressed by a powerful force. He turned his head and looked at Eslora. No matter how Khufra tried to break free, Eslora did not stop chanting her curse. Khufra could not believe that his lover was punishing him. Eslora wept as she bound her love into an eternal slumber. She chose to personally seal her lover in the ancient city and built a grand monument. Eslora believed it was better to end Khufra before he became despised by the people, going down in history as the cruel king who loved nothing but power. Since then, the smoke of the war in the Western Desert disappeared.

However, hundreds of years later, a cataclysmic event occurred in the Western Desert. A wave of energy from an orb awakened Khufra from his slumber, who swelled with hatred and anger. Returning to the world, Khufra could not accept the betrayal of his lover in the past. His abilities and desires were stronger than ever before. He vowed to find Eslora and continue to conquer the centuries-old wish to hold the Land of Dawn within his hands.


The Baroque family is one of the few nobles on the Land of Dawn. The most prestigious skill of them, fencing,  the family’s emblem, discourages countless opponents from even thinking about attacking. In addition, beauty and wisdom are also the most perfect genetic signs of the Baroque family, just like the eternal beauty and love of Violet.

World-famous as Baroque family’s fencing is, young Guinevere doesn’t like it at all. Just like other girls, she is naturally fond of gorgeous things. From youth, she was sent to the Magic Academy. Relying on her own sensitive spiritual perception and anti-gravity magic, with her own interpretation, when Guinevere was 10 years old, she successfully combined mental perception with super energy and invented multiple magic effects – magic superpower. Such a breakthrough made Guinevere more passionate about magic, and she often experimented with her new magic on her brother Lancelot. No matter how Lancelot hides, he will be found by his sister. Therefore, Lancelot is often caught in an unknown thrill. In his childhood, his sister was always causing him a headache. But anyhow, Lancelot still loves Guinevere. He always shows a smile to his beloved sister. But every time when Lancelot thinks of his little sister’s magic experiment, he would wear a bitter smile.

Recently, something has been plaguing Guinevere, making her uneasy. It is said that the Paxley nobles who have a very high magical status have proposed marriage to the Baroque family.  Guinevere is undoubtedly the most suitable choice and Guinevere’s father seems to be very willing with the marriage. But the reluctant Guinevere suddenly thinks of an idea – She hopes to find her brother Lancelot…